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About Us

Sterlube Africa was founded in 2016 by a group of people who have been working for major oil companies for many years. We are manufacturers and distributors of lubricants ranging from industrial, automotive, food grade lubricants etc.

With the aid of cutting edge technologies and continuous research and development, Sterlube Africa delivers reliability and quality, for both products and services that meets and exceeds our customers’ satisfactions.

Sterlube Africa is locally managed and fully committed through shareholding.

Our Major Clients are:
Food processing and Packaging industries
Automotive industry
Construction companies
Mining and cement industries
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
Tea industries
Steel Industries

Our Products

Industrial Lubricants (Steroil Brand)
Gear Oils
Hydraulic Oils
Compressor Oils
Cutting oils
Chain oils and sprays
Food grade Lubricants (Sterfood & Foodmax Brand)
Food Grade Gear Oils
Food Grade Hydraulic Oils
Pharmaceutical Oils
Food Grade Chain oils and Sprays
Food grade Greases
Dough Divider Oils
Automotive Lubricants
Engine oils
Gear Oils


Our food grade lubricants Brand(Sterfood) are NSF H1 & H3 approved and therefore can be used in situation where incidental food contact can occur in food pharmaceuticals and other food related manufacturing environments

Technical Support.

Our Technical department supports customers and distributors with all sorts of technical topics and trainings which includes;

Basics of lubrication
Rationalization of Products
Problem Solving
Product advice


We specialize in high end lubricants that meets international standards as we offer technical expertise that enables our customers to increase efficiency of the production process.